Welcome to the River Meadow Ranch Apiary

Unfiltered, Dry Mountain Honey

Our family has a rich history in agriculture and we are proud of it. The dry Utah climate and high mountain elevation allows us to produce the highest quality honey bee products. With lower water content, nothing added or taken away, each spoonful is packed with all the natural goodness mother nature intended for this super food.

We do not feed our bees throughout the year in order to create false nectar flows and more honey. That practice produces watered down, sugar filled honey with less pollen and nectar. The honey on big store shelves is cheaper because you are buying a mixture of honey, sugar water and corn or rice syrup. It’s faster, cheaper and easier to produce. This is not healthy for you or the bees.

All natural honey like ours takes a little more patience and a lot more effort. Taste the difference for yourself.